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Launched in 1991 like a big brother to the Tofinou, the boat immediately aroused interest and admiration. Like the Tofinou, the hull and deck are made of polyester, and teak and varnished mahogany are preferred.

Beneath the roof, the atmosphere in the cabin is warm and convivial. The fittings are very functional and constructed with care in satin-varnished mahogany by talented woodworkers.

The two lateral front berths are upholstered with a pretty canvas sheet whose colour is in accordance with that of the hull. Portside, a small stove is integrated in a cubby-hole locker, and, starboard, a stainless steel sink has pressurized water. There is a toilet beneath the front berth.

The Tadorne is a fast sailboat, stiff under sail. It will take you far away over the weekend or longer


Length 8 m
Beam 2.80 m
Lest 500 Kg
Draft 0.70 / 1.50 m
Displacement 2000 Kg
Inboard engine 9 cv ou 18ch
Mainsail 23.30 m²
Jib 7.60 m²

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